This one goes out to all us douches who do way too much bench press and never do anthing about it.

Please remember to do the stretch over a prolonged period of time. At least two minutes per side is neccessary. 


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I'm guessing the name says itself, right?

Get to work!

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A new week of mobility and pain! Now we are going to focus on the upper body and overhead position aswell as the front racked position. 

Remember to use #PT365Sweden to let me know how things went. 

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Hey everyone,

Last day of this weeks mobility challenge! Today we are going barefoot and will triggerpoint the ball of our feet aswell as throwback to yesterday and continue mobilizing our calves. 

For homework this weekend I want you to repeat some exercises that you have done this week that really helped you in your mobility. 

Oh and your not forgetting to #PT365Sweden for a chance to win 30minutes of sports massage right?

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Hey mobility-gang,

Time is flying by and we still have so much more to do. Today we are focusing on the calf musculuture. Remember to do the Pistol test both before and after you triggerpoint a leg.

All the best, check out the video below.

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